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Frequently Asked Questions

open iconWhat is NFT Wiki?
We wanted to create a website where people can easily create wikis /website for their digital identity (pfp). We thought it would also be a lot of fun to have a website where you can browse and see other people’s pfp and what they are trying to achieve / create a brand.
close iconHow does this work?
Pages can only be edited by the current holder of an NFT. Every time someone saves a change, we check the Ethereum Blockchain to see if the person saving is the current owner.
close iconWhat should I do with my page for my PFP?
You should put whatever you want.
close iconI made my page. What now?
You can share your page, use it as your personal website, your brand’s website. You can visit other pages people have created.
close iconWhat do you currently support on the page?
You can add text, images, links, videos, and more. We will be adding more features going forward and are always open for requests.
close iconWhat happens when I no longer own the NFT?
The page will stay alive and can be only changed by the current NFT owner.
close iconThis is cool! Is it safe to sign? Will signing this steal my NFT? I see that it has no tx fee.
DYOR. All we can say is signing a message does not interact with any smart contracts. We have no way to moving assets from your wallet. The message you sign when saving a page is used to prove that you are the owner and that you approve the changes.
close iconIs there a Discord?
Yup, you can join our Discord.
close iconWho is the team behind NFT Wiki?
NFT Wiki is built by kwaji and JohnPhamous.

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